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I had never subscribed to a gift box before, but I had always been a little tempted! I remember sitting at work seeing my colleagues gift boxes arrive every month or two, and the joy and surprise that would appear on their faces as they opened them up.

It’s such a great concept because you tend to forget about it, and then when it arrives it’s like a surprise gift “from me, to me!”. Except the best part is that every month it’s different, and you didn’t choose it — like most times when you have to give that awfully fake surprised look on your face when opening your birthday or Christmas gift from your partner, children or pets – picked out by yours truly.

There are a few subscription options on the market, from wines, to books, to beauty products. And while all sound lovely, I was first looking for something that the kids and I could enjoy together! Was that too much to ask for, ha ha?

Well, I am so pleased to tell you that I have finally found it! Mommy & Me Boxes is a delivery box filled with goodies for babies, kids AND moms! It’s just launched on the South African market, and we were beyond excited to receive our first one this month.

The Mommy and Me boxes are essentially subscription boxes whereby you receive a box each month for either 3/6/9 months. There is also a once off option to give you the chance to try out their box before deciding on the subscription term you wish to go with.

They are age appropriate for our little ones with items that are handpicked to encourage their development and age appropriate stimulation. They have and are partnering with some incredible brands; like Pure Beginnings, Kiddylicious and Klei-Klei play dough. Some of the items includes puzzles and books as well as items such as treats, bath time products, bibs, bottles, teethers and other great baby and toddler essentials. But as I said, every box is specific to your child or children’s ages.

And as for us Mama’s, they want us to feel pampered and like the supermoms we are without any of the guilt. Some of the items we can look forward to are beauty and body products, decor items and clothing items.

I also want to add that for the sleepless nights, mom buns, and pure exhaustion – we DESERVE a pamper box, ladies. Right? And my thinking is that EVEN the kids activities are a pampering treat, because Kayla and Olivia were happily entertained for a few hours and I got to sit back and relax. Its a win-win, if you ask me?

How does the ages thing work, and how much are they?

The boxes go according to age, so depending on your child’s age you pick 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months and 24-36 months. They do the age tracking on their side, so they are able to see when your child goes up to a new age bracket for your next delivery.

Each box is only R400 which includes delivery to your doorstep. So technically, It’s the price of one meal, except here you get a ton of surprise gifts to make the whole family so happy and you don’t even have to pay added delivery to get it to you. AMAZZZZING! (exact words I used when selling this to my husband, who gladly approved)

So, the question most of you have asked (and are wondering), is how do we order?

Should you wish to order your very first Mommy and Me box, this is how you do it:

Please provide them with the following info:
– Once off or subscription (how many months)
– Boy or Girl or Gender Neutral
– If there is a sibling as well (we added Livvy)
– How old is your little one
– Delivery Address

EMAIL: mommyandmeboxes@gmail.com and find them on INSTAGRAM: @MommyMeBoxes

Their online store is launching soon!

They have also recently added gift boxes which can be ordered once off for baby shower gifts or hospital visits, or any gift required for mommy and little one. These boxes are tailored to a specific budget, which you can give them. We also think this is a great idea as we all know how busy we are.

BUT, I’m most excited about getting exposed to and trying out new and popular brands and products on the local market for moms & babes.

I am sure you are wondering what arrived in our first box?

Here are some snapshots of Kayla and Olivia opening up our box:

  1. A genius wood puzzle set (six puzzles inside) with smart little shapes, especially for Kayla.
  1. Kiddylicious Strawberry Fruit Wriggles, suitable for 12 months+, for Kayla
  2. Pure Beginnings Berry Toothpaste, for 0-3 year olds
  3. Good stuff (the skincare company) Bee Natural Wild honey shea butter & vanilla yoghurt hand cream
  4. Kiddylicious Blueberry rice wafers, suitable for 6 months +
  5. Gorgeous silver owl earrings (for mom, unless your bub has pierced ears)
  6. A little zip pouch with a key ring, to go on keys.
  7. A ballerina baby pink nail polish, and a metallic silver nail polish
  8. A Nom Nom teething necklace (looks like pearls), but for mom to wear so baby can teeth on them

It was like Christmas for them as they had to go through every single item. Even Kayla put the teething mom necklace around her neck and it’s been very hard convincing her that it’s actually for me to wear so Livvy can play and nibble on it.

The Kiddylicious treat packets had to also be opened immediately to be tasted while testing everything out, and of course we had to head to the shops to purchase more! We had never tried them before, and so it’s clear that from a brand perspective (not just a consumer pespective) – it’s also a really great way for mom’s to try out new things.

Let us know if you get a delivery box from Mommy & Me Boxes, and share a snapshot with us so we see what you guys got! We would love to see. I just love the surprise element.

Love The Knox Girls xoxo

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