Self Love with Thursday’s Lingerie this Mother’s Month

If you aren’t too new around here, you’ve heard me talk openly about my mom-knickers, right? You know the seriously un-sexy underwear you buy for pregnancy and maternity? The cringey-panties you vow to never wear again, and then end up wearing them way past their expiry date because, well, broken sleep, mom bun’s and vomb-bomb’s. Yup, I know these mom-knickers all too well.

In fact, to be brutally honest — my underwear draw has never been something to rave home about! I’ve always had this mentality that nobody will see my underwear anyway, and I’ll rather spend more money on my outter clothing. I’ve never thought that gorgeous lingerie was comfortable. Luckily friends have gifted me in the past for bridal showers and birthdays — but otherwise; poor husband. Poor me.

Well, I haven’t been feeling good about myself lately! I’ve been in a slump. My cup has not been full, and I’ve been on edge, exhausted and resentful. My energy and motivation is at an all time low, I don’t care much for myself as I’m always caring for KJ & Livvy’s well-being, I never purchase much for myself anymore, and I guess I don’t love myself at the moment. I’m just always giving and giving, and ignoring my own well-being.

So, when Thursday’s contacted me to try fall in love with myself again this Mother’s Day Month — I was obviously a little intrigued? SIGN ME UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! But I immediately started thinking along the lines of products that can CHANGE me physically. Products to better my skin, mood, body fat and/or hair?

I was so wrong, and so shallow.

You see, Thursday’s sent me their beautiful new and dreamy lingerie. They highlighted the importance of making myself feel beautiful and comfortable in my own body (just the way it is right now) after having two beautiful children. Because there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with my body, right? To fall in love with my incredible body that has carried, stretched, been cut, is ten KG’s heavier than before falling pregnant and given life to two of my biggest blessings in this world.

My body that has made me a MOTHER!

Thursday’s focus is on the simplicity of wearing beautiful lingerie that fits properly (most women do not wear the right size) and gives the support we need. They definitely highlighted to me that because I am a Mom; I clearly don’t always have to stick to mom-knickers!

So, the amazing thing is that they have managed to change me physically without doing much at all. Just by wearing beautiful lingerie that fits, supports and sucks me in.

And of course I was tempted to air brush my stomach and legs; but I decided not to. I decided to embrace the imperfections. This is me. This is my body.

And while we can extend the importance of loving ourselves through other means too, such as nutrition, me-time/pampering and exercise (which I hope to start more of, soon); we have to feel good in our skin, and love ourselves NOW. ALWAYS. The true essense of Thursdays is SELF LOVE.

Something that I had so clearly lost.

And I’ve been down many times about this lately, because how can I be a role model and mentor to my own two daughters, when I can’t even love myself? How do I tell them to be brave, to love themselves for who they are now, and to be proud of themselves — when I don’t? How do I truly love others, my husband, and be happy; if I don’t love myself?

So I took up the challenge and chose to get spoilt with Thursday’s for Mother’s Month, as you can see.

While this is definitely something out of my comfort zone (and maybe you asking “WHAAAT, why is Ash doing a lingerie shoot?), it was magically refreshing, powerful, and raw. I had to put on my big girl panties and brave face — because I giggled a lot. I also kept telling myself that this is exactly the same as sharing a photo of me in a costume on the beach.

And while I convinced myself this, it wasn’t so much taking the photos — but actually putting on this beautiful lingerie (that I hadn’t put on in ages / ever!) and realizing that I’m deserving of feeling beautiful just the way I am everyday.

That I deserve to love myself and embrace every blemish, curve, scar, and mark. My body has made me a Mother, two times over.

This lingerie makes me feel beautiful with its lace and silk details; it’s also so supporting and comfortable. Its soft, and fits perfectly. Yup, it’s just as comfortable as my cringey-mom-knickers. I’m being serious. It’s also the most beautiful underwear I’ve ever personally owned.

So, I believe it’s okay to wear yoga pants and mom-knickers when the mood fits, but this underwear definitely made me feel more beautiful. It uplifts my mood. I feel like I love myself when I slip these on. And that I guess I’ve learnt now that it’s not only about investing on the “outside”, but investing in myself. Because when I feel good, I can be happy. I know I can be a better Mom, Wife, Daughter & Friend when I feel better.

I don’t blame you if you wondering how on earth a gorgeous set of underwear can do all this? My underwear draw will tell you that I used to think the same!

But take up the challenge and try it yourself. Spoil yourself this month of May with some pretty underwear.

It’s about choosing to love yourself.

Nobody gets out of this life alive, so why should we live in anything that makes us feel less than beautiful and deserving? Our bodies are incredible, no matter what shape and size we are.

I’m 10kg’s heavier than I was pre-babies, and I’m wearing a size large.

A bit about Thursday’s South Africa

You probably first came across Thursday’s on Shark Tank South Africa, but they are a local South African Lingerie & Swimwear brand that focuses on better fitting the normal figured female (not the figures we see in the media), providing much better support (see thicker bra straps), and self love. Their bra’s are made from c-cup, up.

All locally made in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, where a group of women have been upskilled to make bras – a dying skill in SA. Their fabric comes from Italy and the lace from Thailand. The lingerie is inspired by the Cape Fynbos, a plant species endemic to the Cape, just like their exclusive lingerie. They manufacture in very small quantities, and all their products are hand-made. Their attention to detail, is unreal!


I’m so excited to tell you that we’ve partnered with Thursday’s to run an INCREDIBLE promo this month of May to celebrate my girl tribe falling in love with themselves again.

Buy 3 panties and get a whopping 30% off by using ‘heymamalife30.’’ This pretty much works out to buy 2 and get 1 free.

And buy 2 bra’s and or chemise’s and get 20% off using ‘heymamalife20.’ Both codes can be used simultaneously.

Oh, and in case you wondering — I’m wearing:

The Queen Protea Long-Line Bra, The Chandelier High Waist Briefs, and The Arum Lily Thong.

Thank you Thursday’s for making me fall in love with myself again. I do want to exercise more, take some more me-time, and eat better for my health; but this lingerie is a real treat! And finally a bra with proper support, and panties that suck you in.

Shop & Contact:

Shop their online store for delivery right to your doorstep: And connect with them on social media.



Tea Pot & Mugs: Le Creuset South Africa


And if you judging me, and don’t agree with photo’s in a bikini, costume, underwear and gown: I don’t care what you think. This is my body. This is me. Real and raw. My mom lost her boobs to breast cancer, and so I’m proud to have mine.

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