Review of the Purity & Elizabeth Annes Baby Range

When I was pregnant I just couldn’t wait to have the newborn baby smells infused into my home. From the minute that I fell pregnant, I went on a quest to find that “newborn” scent that I had imagined for so long while desperately trying to fall pregnant.

Well, turns out it comes in a pink bottle, as you might’ve guessed!

There are definitely other options that I later on have tried, but I think for me I either find myself purchasing Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s because it defines NEWBORN for me, or if I am choosing organic, I tend to purchase Pure Beginnings as their Baobab Smell is delicious.

I have tried Baby Dove, which I reviewed on my Instagram end of last year, and I think their products are really great with a good formulation for sensitive skins – but they don’t have that beautiful iconic newborn scent for me which Purity and Elizabeth Anne’s has managed to create. I’m also reviewing Oh Lief at the moment, which I’ve never tried on my babies.

Johnson and Johnson VS Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s?

The other big brand that comes to mind is probably Johnson’s and Johnson’s, but I’ve never purchased it before. Maybe it’s because I have their law suits at the back of my mind?

If you not sure what I am talking about, in March this year a $29 million settlement was made to a woman who sued Johnson & Johnson over the company’s talcum-based baby powder which contains asbestos-causing cancer (toxic ingredients).  

I know that J&J has recently changed their formula which is launching in South Africa soon, but for me, I guess it’s been about the principle. I question Johnson’s and Johnson’s on how they knew their baby products could’ve very possibly contained carcinogenic chemicals and yet they continued to use the same formula for so long? Some say that it’s not until the backlash from consumers (and their profits dropping) that they finally decided to make the change? What do you think?

I’m happy to maybe do a review on these newly launched J&J products for you from an unbiased perspective. But I have never used this brand before for these above reasons, so I can’t directly compare them or comment about them.

But just to dive a bit deeper into ‘baby powder’, as Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s also manufactures baby powder:

Talcum powder is made from talc, a mineral made up of mainly magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. As a powder, it absorbs moisture well and helps cut down on friction, making it useful for keeping skin dry and helping to prevent rashes, such as nappy rash. It is widely used in cosmetic products such as baby powder and adult body and facial powders, as well as in a number of other consumer products. 

In its natural form, some talc contains asbestos, a chemical substance known to cause cancers. The allegations made were that this (the harmful cancer causing talc) was found in Johnsons and Johnsons baby powder, and not asbestos-free talc. After many lab tests were conducted (on animals and humans), they did find a small increase in risk for ovarian cancer and lung cancer — if inhaled. Hence, the law suits.

While it’s an ongoing debate and everyone has their personal opinions; for me, as I said earlier: it’s been more the principle that’s effected my opinions of the brand.

And while I still choose to not even use the asbestos-free talc on my babies, Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s has had the asbestos-free talc in their fresh baby powder for those that are wanting to use the “old” school talc powder, with no cancer causing agents. But, they’ve also had the cornstarch baby powder, which is just as effective and doesn’t have all the nasties.

Purity and Elizabeth Anne’s provides gentle formulations, developed with love and care. And with their beautiful newborn scents, I love their product range.

So, I was so excited when I was kindly sent the full Purity Elizabeth Anne’s range. While it’s taken a while to really test them all out thoroughly to give you proper feedback — I have already started finding my favourites that I find I’m going back to again and again, which I want to highlight below:

MY #1 TOP PICK: Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Special Baby Shampoo

This, for me, is the classic bottled new born baby scent in a creamy “special baby shampoo.

It reminds me of the smell of baby cotton blankets, all wrapped and snuggled up on a winters night. It reminds me of a full day of play, memories, laughs and dirty feet — now soft and squeaky clean. Of towel burrito’s post a delicious bath, followed by tickles and kisses on a hot summers evening. Or fresh pajama’s, a goodnight book, dimmed lights and gentle lullaby’s.

I also love it because I like to use a wash and shampoo separately, as I do find that many wash formulations aren’t always as great for hair. What is awesome about this is that it’s great for the body too. Hence, it’s not a body wash that can be used on hair — but a baby hair product that can also be used on the body. It’s thus more conditioning and moisturising and especially for delicate skin and hair.

After using this, Olivia’s hair is silky soft afterwards and even smells heavenly the next day.

I love the pump bottle which is great for on the edge of the bath, when trying to carefully handle baby in water. It is soap free, so it’s also gentle on the eyes.I used it on Kayla too and she loved it, and she has much thicker and longer hair. I am very impressed, and keep going back to it every night.

If you looking for more of a foamy texture through, then give the special baby shampoo a try. It does the same trick with hair, but it’s definitely not as creamy and moisturising and if I’m not mistaken, it doesn’t come in a pump bottle.

Purity Elizabeth Anne’s Laundry Range, and stain remover. 

I found this in my final trimester when getting ready for my first born, Kayla. This incredible gentle baby laundry range is available at Checkers, Pick n Pay, Baby City and most drug stores.

It’s dermatologically tested, like all their skin care products and while it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals — I find it still does wonders on fabrics. Soft, colours still vibrant, and clean with gorgeous scents.

I made sure to wash all of their clothes before they were born with this laundry range, and I loved how they all had that newborn baby scent. The nursery cupboards always smell delicious!

I still ensure that Olivia’s clothes are washed separately with this product, because standard laundry detergents are harmful on little babies sensitive skin. My favourite part is that it’s formulated with a natural rose oil fragrance. Yum!

The stain remover is effective against stubborn stains, and is chlorine and bleach free which means it doesn’t leave white patches! We have managed to get out most (in fact I think all!) stubborn stains around the neckline (from feeding and mess) with this little magic roll on bottle. I do just wish it came in one size bigger as we love it so we use it a lot.

Head To Toe Wash

If you want a baby body wash, paired with your Special Baby Shampoo — then my choice in the range is the FRESH head to toe wash (as seen on the right, in the yellow bottle).

You probably wondering why I didn’t pick the good night one (purple), but I just personally love the scent of the fresh one! It also comes in a pump bottle, and it’s a clean fresh fragrance. Again, also tear free, and gentle on the skin.

The fresh formulation paired with a creamy aqueous lotion after bath time is baby heaven.

Stretch Mark & Nipple Cream

It was my first time trying this, and I am actually really enjoying the stretch mark cream. It’s made with collagen, sweet almond, wheatgerm and neroli oils.

My skin feels seriously moisturised and silky soft, which is also great for my c-section scar and post pregnancy body where my skins elasticity has changed.

While I like the texture of the nipple cream, it’s not my personal first choice. I still like the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin (a purple tube) as it’s much thicker and richer in consistency. The Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s nipple formulation does, however, promise to assist cracked nipples and so it’s a great option if price point is a concern for you. Hence, Lansinoh is pricey for one tube and this is much more affordable which is great! But again, I can’t comment too much because I’m not currently needing nipple cream. Maybe it does exactly the same trick! Either way, I’m also going to try this on nappy rash, very dry skin and my lips.

Aqueous Cream Lotions

I just love their aqueous creams. Aqueous is your safest bet (even with common newborn acne / rashes), and I loved to use their fragrance free (blue lid) to bath my very newborn babies.

I now love the pink baby aqueous cream in the pump bottle, which protects and moisturises their skin.

I don’t know why, but I am not drawn to the soothing and calming good night (purple) lid one, which has chamomile, lavender and almond oil. I just prefer a more natural light scent. The pink one has that iconic newborn scent, which is probably why it’s my favourite, AGAIN!

It’s thick, rich and creamy in texture:

Soap Cream Bars – Aqueous! 

Talking about aqueous cream, I tried all the soap bars (which I’ve never tried before with kids), and I have to say that my favourite is the aqueous cream soap bar.

Again, I am not such a fan of the soothing and calming soap bar (purple), because it reminds me of that green bar you can wash your clothes with.

The baby aqueous cream bar, however, is divine! It’s a great PH balance for baby skin, it gently cleanses and it moisturises. It also smells delicious! I guess I also like a soap bar to be pearly white and creamy in texture and colour, which is what the baby aqueous cream bar is.

Mosquito Repellent 

It was my first time trying out the mosquito repellent, and so I was excited to put it to the test as it says it protects against mosquitos, flies, fleas and ticks!

I used it on Livvy as Kayla is allergic to mosquito’s and has been advised to use stronger formulations on her toddler skin. But with Livvy still being small, I started to use the Purity and Elizabeth Anne’s mosquito spray on her and so far — no bite’s which is great! Mosquitos love her.

At first it has quite a strong smell, but it doesn’t linger and goes away pretty quickly. It doesn’t have that strong citronella smell, which I personally hate.

It’s for babies from 6 months, and I have found the all organic and natural repellents to be unsuccessful with us in the mosquito department. Hence, Kayla getting advised to use stronger stuff than the natural variations. So maybe I should try this on Kayla, too? It’s still mild and gentle though, and is DEET free.

Diethyltoluamide (DEET), is the most common active ingredient in insect repellents. It is a slightly yellow oil intended to be applied to the skin or to clothing and provides protection against most insects. The natural “version” is citronella oil. DEET can be harmful on the skin, and especially on babies skin as it is a chemical based oil. Hence why this product doesn’t contain DEET chemicals.

It comes in a 125ml spray bottle, and Olivia is very happy with it sprayed onto her before bedtime.

I just can’t comment on the following products in the range…

I don’t use jelly on my babies, telc baby powder (as discussed) and the iconic golden coloured detangling baby shampoo. Probably because I use it on my make up brushes, and so the smell reminds me of that.

I also haven’t tried the disinfecting solution as yet, as we sterilise with our electronic steriliser at home. I am looking forward to trying the disinfecting solution when we travel, as the steriliser is too big to take along with us.

I actually use cornstarch baby powder in my blonde hair (as a form of a dry shampoo) which many hairdressers say you shouldn’t as it dries the hair out! Just a few sprinkles in my roots and a quick dab, and my hair feels brighter and fresher! Shhhh. It even helps regrowth. So while I can’t comment on the cornstarch powder for my babies, I like it.

Let me know what your favourite is from this range, and if you also love the special baby shampoo?

Love Ash, KJ & Livvy x

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