Pillsbury Triple Choc Brownies for Fathers Day with Hey Mama Life

When we asked Bruce what treats he wanted for Fathers Day – the ONLY thing he asked for was Pillsbury South Africa’s Triple Choc Brownies!

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more because not only are they THE EASIEST things to make but they are also THE MOST DELICIOUS gooey brownies out there!

My only concern was how many boxes I should make, because I know how quickly these get eaten up. The whole family goes mad for these brownies. While one box makes A LOT of brownies, Fathers Day normally involves a lunch with our whole big family coming together.

So, in collaboration with Pillsbury South Africa and Hey Mama Life – we made Bruce’s (easy, shh!) wish come true!

Except, we have two more boxes ready for Sunday morning on Fathers Day and six printable Fathers Day toppers that you can quickly download and print for FREE (attached to the end of this blog post) for the kids to stick into their brownies to make extra special for Dad. Or even use them for your Pillsbury’s cake mix for some delicious Fathers Day cupcakes.

Fathers Day tea time or dessert is sorted! Trust us.

Here we are making Pillsbury’s Triple Choc Brownies captured so beautifully by Tracy Lee Photography!

While I tried to entice Bruce with some added ingredients – like speckled eggs, M&M’s, or white chocolate chips… he insisted he wanted these famous brownies as they are! They are made with the finest ingredients, based on home-made recipes, and are literally flop-proof which is a serious win for this busy & impatient mama.

But, if you want to get creative – you can add your own little touch. So, I couldn’t resist adding our touch of special toppers which we giving to you to use FOR FREE. Or, do what we do and pair these famous brownies with a delicious creamy vanilla or tinroof ice cream drizzled with melted Bar One sauce.

“Homemade taste explosion!” – Bruce’s words.

So, what do you need?


X1 box of Pillsbury South Africa Triple Choc Brownies

Sunflower Oil



(Toppers to print below, scissors, sticky tape and toothpicks)

I told you it was easy. But shhh, Dad doesn’t need to know. Just note that these brownies do contain wheat (gluten), cow’s milk, soya, and may contain oats and tree nuts. Also egg, which you’ll be adding!

Getting stuck into it!

Mix all the ingredients together (box mix, water, eggs and oil) into a mixing bowl…

Be warned – you might feel urged to lick the mixing spoons due to the deliciousness. Livvy just couldn’t hold back!

Next, place your mix into a greased tray or brownie pan to go into the oven.

While you are waiting for them to bake in the oven; print and cut out your toppers. If your kids are old enough, let them cut them out on their own with supervision – otherwise quickly do it for them. At the back of each topper disc, stick a toothpick on using sticky tape.

Once they are finished baking, bring them out to cool and cut to place on a server.

The kids can easily decorate their delicious brownies they just made with these toppers on their own. Just push them in!

We only used the “Happy Fathers Day” topper here, but we have designed SIX toppers for you which we’ll also be using on Fathers Day this Sunday. Bruce didn’t get to see this part, so it will be a surprise on Fathers Day.

Kayla and Olivia just loved making these easy and scrumptious brownies, and we can’t wait to see some snaps of you making  them with your family and using our toppers!

Happy Fathers Day to all the incredible Fathers out there!

Bruce, you mean the world to us.

Love Ash, Kayla and Olivia.

Photography: Tracy Lee Photography | @TracyLeePhotography01

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