One month progress with Flourishing Fit Mom’s

I wasn’t going to share my before and progress (definitely not after) photo’s. I didn’t think there was too much change in my body over these past weeks. But I have been following an incredible postpartum program at home for exactly one month — and to my shock and huge excitement, these progress photo’s show changes.

Want to know the secret? I’ve been doing the Flourishing Fit Moms Meg Faure Spring Challenge (12 weeks), and I’ve been LOVING it. In fact, so much so, that it hasn’t really taken over my life, but rather fitted in with my life — as right now I’m pretty focused on Livvy, our newborn, and general mom life with a toddler, too. But, if you see my progress shots, it clearly is working and I’m absolutely thrilled!

I’m not going to say it’s easy peasy, it’s a challenge on its own just making sure I do my exercises set out for that day. But it’s REALLY easy to follow, and you get added to a group so you not in this alone. You meet other moms, get motivational tips (physical & mental) everyday, and can ask questions.

And best part, it’s SO safe for moms who have just had bubs — because many workout programs aren’t focused on post-pregnancy.

Robs (a Biokineticist and sports fanatic), and Caitlyn (a psychology lecturer, life coach and speaker) become your virtual physical and mental coaches for twelve weeks. You get your e-book written by them, you start off with a live discussion with Kit & Robs, Robs helps you determine if you have any abdominal separation from pregnancy before starting, they explain exercise post a natural vs. c-section birth, and highlight the very little equipment you need at home to begin.

Monday focuses on lower body, Wednesday includes an upper body workout & cardio, and Friday focuses on lower body. Most days are ONLY thirty minutes!

I also changed my diet, and our family’s diet at home because I’m really on a #BodyBounceBack mission. I’ve cut out refined sugar, I’ve tried to stay away from wheat and gluten, and I’ve enjoyed cooking plant based as much as possible, to stay away from horrible hormones. I’ll share some of my new found quick and easy recipes.

I haven’t been perfect either, which I’m reflecting on as I share my progress. I don’t eat enough, I don’t sleep enough, and I don’t drink enough water. Yes, I said it — I don’t eat enough! Sometimes I only have my first meal after 1PM, which really isn’t good as it’s slowing down my metabolism and my body is storing fat. I know this! But, Im still battling with the mom-life-balance, as I’m so focused on my kids that I totally forget about myself. This is why the emotional / life coaching side from Caitlyn is vital, too.

I’ve realised that some form of meal prepping needs to be my next challenge – so if you have any meal prep tips, please send them my way.

What I have done this week is make protein shakes & smoothies to go for the whole family, which live in our freezer. They defrost lovely, and are icy and refreshing. These are my (homemade take on Kauai’s) Peanut Butter Bombs:

Well, let’s not waste anymore time. Here are my photo’s after one month, as we all began on Monday, the 03rd of September to kick off Spring.

I’m nervous to share these. But I’m shocked and so happy too that there are some changes in my body, all thanks to Robs & Kit.

If you don’t want to be part of a challenge, but just want the guide – you can purchase it online off their website. If you want to be part of their next challenge, follow them on social media @FlourishingFitMoms, sign up for their newsletter on their website, and stay tuned!

Still a long long way to go <3

Disclaimer: I’ve also done four or five personal training sessions this past month, and I kick started my Flourishing Fit Moms challenge with a five day detox the week before, which you can grab here from me for FREE.

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