As we announced the winner today (scroll to bottom to see), I thought I would just quickly take you through the incredible brands that were involved in our R6k giveaway for the month of love.

I was so honoured to be the blogger involved in this INCREDIBLE giveaway – as every single one of these local brands holds a special place in my heart.

We were so fortunate to have had a professional photographer to take the photo’s for the giveaway – and so a big shout out goes to Bryerly Pereira Photography. She captured every single product so beautifully. You can contact her on or 082 767 1509 for all your lifestyle, portraits, newborn, fashion, product, family, milestone & blogger content needs.


If you entered, you would know that we tried a new way to do a giveaway and it worked so well! We announced 24 finalists from those who successfully entered, and then each of them had to make a purchase from one of the brands in 2019 in order to claim their final prize (if their lucky name got drawn in the final announcement!)

These brands work so hard every single day and night, and so I know that even if you weren’t today’s final winner – you’ll walk away supporting an incredible brand with an amazing product, and your chosen brand will be doing a happy dance, too. Supporting local, and small businesses means a lot to me!

So lets take you through the final giveaway quickly, which we are so excited to handover.


Mini Mafia

Genuine leather moccasins in the style “Suede Styling.” Neutral for boys or girls, with embossed logo underneath. The perfect shoe for crawling and new walkers – so soft & comfortable.

Mini Mafia strive to produce stylish yet great quality moccasins to add a touch of style to your little ones smile, one pair of moccasins at a time. They are all 100% genuine leather and locally made. They even ask you to take a sniff and smell so you can immediately see they are not pleather. They believe in foot contact before eye contact, and are keeping it mini and mafia.

Your Baby Star

A beautiful fern print baby onesie, with gorgeous press studs. for either a boy or a girl.

Baby Star was created just for you & your little star. Founded in 2018 & we are shining brighter than ever. Our threads are made with love & care that are ethically sourced from around the globe. They aim to shine bright and reach for the stars!


Silicone Straw SA

Two packs of silicone straws (eight in total) to add to your handbag, nappy bag, car, -and kitchen draw. We love all their straw colours, and they have become a firm favourite in our house! They have just added the colour ‘living coral’ to their range – so be sure to check it out.

Silicone Straw SA are the proud distributors of silicone straws in the South African market. No more damaged gums or chipped teeth! Silicone Straws are reusable, foldable and unbreakable, child safe, easily cleanable, Mildew resistant, BPA Free and FDA Approved, 100% Food Grade Silicone and most importantly – environmentally friendly!

They also come in gorgeous stainless steel non-rusting travel pouches, and are SO perfect for kids when learning how to suck from a straw. We prefer these to any stainless steel straw, and obviously all plastic straws!

Noo Noo Pie Baby

A Noo Noo Pie Baby wrap tie, which is so perfect for new borns, up to around 10kg’s. We use our all the time so that we have free hands, and can also manage our toddler. It’s perfect for around the house, grocery shopping, and going for walks.

The Noonoo Pie Tie is a baby wrap carrier which is made of a long piece of soft, comfortable fabric . They have the perfect blend of 95% cotton and just a little added lycra for stretch so that you can enjoy all the benefits that natural cotton fibers provide, as well as the added flexibility and support that the lycra provides.

What Babies Want

Two baby tethers – perfect for a boy or girl. Livvies favourite, and she loves to teeth on the silicone or the bamboo wood handle.

Part of the same family as Silicone Straws SA, is ‘What Babies Want’. They have the most incredible unbreakable, child safe, easily cleanable, mildew resistant, BPA Free and FDA Approved, 100% Food Grade Silicone and most importantly – environmentally friendly – baby products! They are innovative, can suction onto tables, are easy on babies gums and new teeth, aid in teaching baby to eat, assist in teething, and are gorgeously designed.

Tiger Lily Tots

They have carefully selected various monochromatic fabrics that especially complement adult decor throughout your home. They love texture and the variety of fabrics they have chosen are proof of this, with most products boasting a combination of fabrics. Not only does it look great but little people enjoy the textures and contrasting colours too! They also stock beautiful wooden designed educational toys, and nursery decor – from mobiles, to blocks, to stackers, and dolls.

Their aim is that the products will be useful for considerably longer than just the ‘baby years’. They source most of our materials locally and the products are all made with love in Cape Town, South Africa. Each product is individually crafted and careful quality controls ensure consistent quality.

Rockin’ Baby Apparel & Accessories is fast becoming known as the sought after & iconic infant wear brand.
For Babies and toddlers aged Newborn to 3 years, with a few styles extending to 5years, Lullaby Rock is known for its quality, comfort & fit and edgy & unique style.
They are proudly designed & made in South Africa, Owner, Designer, Wife & Mother – Amy Portman developed the brand out of her love and passion for music, fashion and children, also noticing & closing a gap in the market for stylish Boys & Gender Neutral Clothing.
“We hope your little Rockstars enjoy wearing our clothing as much as we enjoyed making them!”

Hops Collection

A gorgeous bamboo and silicone bowl and spoon, that suctions onto the table.

With an occupational therapy degree and three kids all currently 3 and under, the owner of Hops Collection has learnt a few tricks of the trade. Their bowls, plates and utensils are 100% organic and FDA approved. Whilst the suctions and the spoon coverings are food-grade silicone, it is a non-toxic polymer mostly made from silica (sand). It can withstand heating and freezing without leaching or off-gassing, hazardous chemicals – unlike plastics, which contaminate food in these environments. They are odourless, tasteless and 100% baby safe.

They encourage you to help your baby develop and strengthen their fine motor skills and all the rest that comes with self feeding and they would like to help you look cute whilst doing it.

Mina Moo Baby

A multi cover which can be used on all sized strollers, car seats, and as a breast feeding cover. 

Mina Moo and Baby products are colourful and trendy, functional yet fashionable and made with 100% designer cotton prints. If you are attending a baby shower soon, need a unique gift for a baby or just want to spoil your little one –  opt for Mina Moo and Baby Products as they are made with love and care by a mom for moms with quality and affordability in mind. Mina Moo and Baby Products are made in The Cape and are proudly South African.

Kidko South Africa

A gorgeous grey and white playmate, which can be designed in any pattern you wish. It works with all house spaces, and grows with your child – being timeless.

Kidko was started by Sarah, a South African mom with an eye for design, a house full of boys and a budget that wasn’t budging. On a quest to create comfortable and nurturing spaces for her young family she hunted for products of quality with a beautiful aesthetic but without the inflated prices. When she couldn’t find them, she decided to source them herself. And so Kidko was born.

Sarah hopes that her range will bring kids joy, satisfy parents’ design itch and help create happy, stylish, family spaces.

Kikki and Franki

A decor design studio, which is also proudly South African. All handmade, with love and passion – Kikki and Franki are able to design nearly anything you wish for your baby, party, wall or home. They are also the home of the original milestone muslin blanket which is what the winner is going to walk away with. Along with their milestone blanket, you’ll also get clouds which can be used to capture babies milestones. These muslin blankets are also 100% cotton – perfect for your new babies skin.

We especially love Kikki and Franki’s wooden names in oak. They also stock a beautiful variety of wall vinyls, room decor, customisable cake toppers, and clothes dividers.

Hey Mama Life

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The 24 Finalists are: 

  1. Lizel Bruwer
  2. Samantha- Coogan_Boys
  3. Stephanie Odell
  4. Cheris Roberts
  5. Miss Milissa Gerber
  6. Nicola Momberg
  7. Ansurie
  8. Nadine Van Wyk
  9. Natalie Bleckert
  10. Emily Jane Innes
  11. Nashita Marais
  12. Jessica Leigh Speech
  13. Michelle Van Der Merwe
  14. Mandy McIvor
  15. Lizelle Barnard Dawson
  16. Ashleigh Kerr
  17. Llama Llama
  18. Rene Fisher
  19. Keratilwe Mphafundi
  20. Cheri Kok
  21. Rushda Lariza
  22. Kira Quabeck
  23. Chels
  24. Ansone Jacobs

The Final Winner Is:

ANSURIE!!! Congratulations x

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