A Panda Love Easter

If you missed my Instagram stories yesterday, you would’ve missed one of our incredible packages that arrived for our Easter baskets that we putting together for the kids, and each other.

A discount code is also included below!

What do I mean by ‘Easter Baskets?’

I love family traditions, and I want to make Easter Baskets a special family tradition where each family member gets a basket and a few spoils found inside when waking up on Easter morning. Nothing over the top expensive, just something pampering, delicious, fun, and definitely a few little things that are needed. Even if it’s socks and jocks for the hubby! It’s not Christmas, it’s just a little basket of thoughtful treats instead of bucket loads of too much sugary (and pricey) candy.

Yes, I want to try decrease the amount of sugar, as little Kayla has no off button when it comes to chocolate and sweets. That doesn’t come from me, as I’m a savory—carb indulger. Give me all the toasted hot cross buns with melted butter (paired with a bubble bath and much needed sleep) and I’ve won the jackpot.

And no, we won’t remove the little egg hunt in the garden — that’s still the best part!

I’m also going to get each family member to purchase one thing that gets slipped into each-other’s baskets. Even if small, like bubble bath or a little candle — it’s the thought that counts. While Livvy is still small, Kayla will have fun getting to choose something little for each of us this year.

So to start off our Easter traditions I’m so excited to share our personalised bunny treat boards to the family from Panda Love. If that isn’t enough, we also got the personalized Easter puzzle for KJ, a First Easter baby-grow for Livvy, and personalised Easter hunt bags for the garden. We blown away!

It’s these personalised treats that make me excited about building magical childhood memories for our babes. Memories that bring about PRICELESS FAMILY JOY. Something that Panda Love is really good at!

But let me cut to the chase and show you our FOUR beautiful Panda Love Easter products. If you want to order some for your lil’ family I’ve managed to organize a discount code: ‘HEYMAMA‘ for a whopping R40 off your Easter Board. But order quickly so it arrives in time.

I’ve included links to the exact products below to make it easier for you to shop. Or see their full Easter range HERE. You can also find them on Instagram at @PandaLoveJozi.

Here we go…

1. Our Personalised Easter Bunny Boards

(Click here to order these Easter Boards, and don’t forget you’ll get R40 off with our promo code: HEYMAMA)

2. ‘My First Easter’ Baby Grow (long sleeve as it’s getting chillier around Easter time)

(Click here to order this Easter baby grow, or click here to see the many other outfit options)

3. An age appropriate personalised Easter puzzle for KJ (9 pieces)

(Click here to order a personalised Easter puzzle)

4. Personalised Draw String Egg Hunt Bags

(Click here to order for a girl OR Click here to order for a boy)

We’ll be creating a blog post with a whole bunch of Easter Basket ideas, which I’ll publish really soon! Some beautiful local brands to pamper, create fun, and spark family joy & love.

In the meantime, I hope we’ve inspired you to throw together some Easter Baskets, too! And start off with these beautiful personalised memory makers from Panda Love.

Love Ash x x

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